Healthcare is broken. Increasing costs, inefficient supply, inadequate care….

Meet the new generation of entrepreneurs reimagining healthcare

The Healthcare Gamechangers

The healthcare system is going to be reinvented by “Thinking outside the Hospital”

Healthcare Innovators from around the world

Underlying principles

eBooks downloads in the last 12 months

Years of work, with hundreds of interviews with fellow colleagues included!

Advance Praise

“This book has key insights on the future of healthcare, applicable to all of us whether in hospital industry, public health or policy making! “
– Reviewer

Crucial Book’s Takeaways

Meant for young upstart entrepreneurs, it provides
lots of useful business tips…

Get a Plan

Make sure that you have a viable business strategy plan in motion!

Build Up and Out

Besides growing up, it is also incredibly crucial to build out too!

Empower Employees

Why empower your company only, when you can empower them all?

Who are These Books For

Young Entrepreneurs

People who challenge to build our economy up! They need sound advice.

Startup Teams

Startuppers inspired with their ideas need some help to implement their projects.

Established Companies

Technologies are developing faster than ever, and companies should follow them.

Small Companies

Owners of small companies need clear guides to develop their business to achieve success.

Book Reviews

As opposed to book reviews done by professionals, these are the ones written by specific readers, who bought the book.

Immediately in the first year of my business venture I’ve realized that founding a company was the easiest step of them all. Luckily, this book helped me with all other business planning aspects as well!

Mary Winkler Young entrepreneur

While I was quite confident in the niche I chose business plan I’ve had, still the progress was not what I expected it to be. Thank God this book helped me to grasp a better understanding of how to build my company up.

Max Stepido Young entrepreneur
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