Inviting all coders for four weekends of coding jamboree in Bangalore!

Meet interesting people, create open source software, help your
communities and win exciting prizes! Well, maybe you can do three out of
the four.

A bunch of my friends and ex-colleagues are going to get together for the
next four weekends to “jam” and create a open source software which would
help thousands of people in the area of healthcare. At the last minute, we
thought of opening this up to other like minded people and see what

So this is the plan:
A. A topic or a problem situation will be presented
B. Teams will self organise to work on different aspects of the software
C. Focus will be on open source, user friendliness (most of these will be
used by people who are just understanding computers), standards and

Lots of Pizza, snacks, free t-shirts to be given away. And best of all,
you can contribute your skills to creating a software which will solve
some real world problem!

Sounds interesting? Register by sending me a note at


  1. hi,

    Guess I will be able to put up something for this(code jam). PLease do get back with more details.