1. Hi all,

    I a from 1972 batch. I a currently in Bangalore and work as Medical Director for GE. I was at the 1972 batch get togethers last time.

    I am presently looking for KMC folks and their addresses / e mails ids etc. I am preparing for a project for funding by venture capitalists to the tune of 5 million dollers. I need one contact person in every town of India and would rather trust KMCians. So if you are interested send mail to me. at


  2. Hi I am Dr. Gurdeep Singh from 1973 batch. Is any body remember me, email me at gurdipster@ or @ face book

  3. Hi ! I am Gurdeep Singh from 1972-1973 batch, looking for any body from my batch contact me at It will be a great fun and will refresh the old memories an events to share.

  4. Hi Sir, my father Dr Gopi Huilgol is from the same batch, will let him know about u. There r few from ur batch in our place as well, Bagalkot. Dr.Sorgavi, Dr. Yogappanavar, Dr.Shettar and few more if u remember any of those… My father's e mail by the way is

  5. Hi I am Dr Ashok Rasalkar, working in Mumbai since 30 years. Entered KMC in 1972
    Any of my batch mates ? would love to hear!!
    Pl email me at ashkya

  6. HI Iam Dr. Ramesh Bhatt 1964 batch of kmc.We had a grand reunion this Oct. It was wonderful! X-mas gtgs & Happy New Year to all "KMCians"