co-working for startups

How do you run a company without killing yourself over office space rentals. Shack up in your bedroom or explore this new option: co-working.

Now, OpenCommune brings co-working to India, thanks to Venkat. .
From OpenCommune website,

OpenCommune is a movement to create cafe-like community/collaboration space within a shared office environment for entrepreneurs and freelancers – via the coworking model. We are a proud part of the Coworking movement around the world and actively support it.

OpenCommune is a blend of coworking (sense of community), an incubation centre (helping you grow), and a business centre (pay as you go infrastructure). Got the positives? Now remove all the negatives associated with these places, such as diluting your start-up equity in an incubation set up or paying morbidly high rentals in a business centre, and you have OpenCommune. Its the best of all these worlds really.

BusinessWeek has a story on co-working : Where the Coffee Shop Meets the Cubicle
Co-working facilities blend the appeal of an independent environment with many of the advantages of the traditional office