I don't have the statistics, all i know is - we need action

How can every child in India get the most appropriate treatment when they need it, irrespective of location and ability to pay. This is Dr Sai’s mission of life. When we were talking about some statistics, she simply said

“I don’t have the statistics, all i know is that we need action”.

And she IS action. She founded Ekam about 7 years ago and continues to amaze us with her focus on action. She facilitates direct donor support to children in specialty hospitals who cant afford care, she helps governments recruit nurses, supports hospitals in training nurses, assists in policy making of state governments, has set up a system to ensure timely repair of medical equipment in remote government hospitals across the state, and has set up school health clubs engaging youth to monitor and ensure care is provided as promised. And most importantly, has built a partnership with the government as a trusted and capable partner.

“We have to make it happen, we have to make it happen”

is what i hear her saying every time i meet her. She does not have the resources but she knows she will make it happen. And i am sure she will.

Its Maktub!

You can read about Sai at the Ashoka page and myredkite


Sai receiving the Nari Shakti Pursakar from HE The President of India