Why is India's Healthcare system in the ICU?

Health in India is in the Intensive Care Unit. Not because of the quality of care or qualification of professionals but ecosystem factors which keep the system ill. Corruption Corruption in healthcare in India is rampant, both in the public and private sector. Needless procurement, unnecessary tests, over prescription of medicines, blatant favours to vendors, […]

Early to rise…

Story on coaching in Hindu Business Line It is here that coaching gains importance. Dr Ashwin Naik, who co-founded affordable healthcare services chain Vaatsalya in 2004, says it is challenging to juggle multiple roles during the early stages of the entrepreneurial journey, particularly for first-timers. “As they say, it is lonely at the top. A […]

Not without my coach

From Mint – July 13 2015 In April, Ashwin Naik, co-founder and director of Bengaluru-based Vaatsalya Healthcare, moved away from his executive role as the company’s CEO. He had co-founded Vaatsalya, an award-winning chain of affordable hospitals in under-served tier-2 and tier-3 towns, 10 years ago with fellow doctor V. Hiremath. Naik, 42, has now […]

Vaatsalya's Ashwin Naik: Co-founder of India’s largest hospital chain in towns - timesofindia-economictimes

Inspirations: The team members of Vaatsalya. When I interact with the nurses and staff at the hospital, I am hugely inspired by their desire to do their best for the patients. Life@50: As Chairman of the National Association of Social Entreprises, I have met many great social entrepreneurs who are changing India. I hope to […]

Is the honeymoon over in the social enterprise sector?

When shoeshine boys start giving stock tips, then you know something is wrong, goes an old Wall Street dictum. When this aphorism begins to resonate in the field of impact investing and social enterprises endeavouring to address some of the most intractable societal challenges of today, then it is indeed worrying. Last month, at the […]

Financial Times story on Healthcare in India profiles Vaatsalya

From FT website Meanwhile, Vaatsalya is a chain of 15 hospitals based in areas just outside towns and in rural areas in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh providing affordable healthcare to underserved populations. The potential for success for many of these so-called “frugal hospitals” has been bolstered by new state-sponsored health insurance schemes that aim to […]

There is no quick fix for the primary healthcare problem in India

Forbes India Magazine ran a story in their March Issue – India’s Primary Health Care Needs Quick Reform Primary health care delivery needs to reinvent itself. Only then can India aim for universal health coverage My take on the issue was that we need to set our expectations right. Nothings going to change in the […]

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