Vaatsalya on the Top 10 Innovative Companies in India List | Fast Company

  Fast Company publishes the most innovative companies in the world list every year. This year Vaatsalya is on the India list!

Opportunities for Health Entrepreneurs in India

Ashwin Naik, co-founder and CEO of Vaatsalya Hospitals, a chain of affordable healthcare facilities in semi-urban and rural areas, said there is a big gap in quality healthcare in India. “As government hospitals are not funded enough, this is throwing up opportunities for entrepreneurs.” via Frugal innovation: Devi Shetty’s Narayana Hrudayalaya to conduct heart surgeries […]

“Caro Oscar, una via migliore esiste. Una via che non toglie dignità al denaro ma …” | Oscar di Montigny

<blockquote class=’posterous_medium_quote’>Ma la rivoluzione non si ferma quì, non si ferma al cliente, non si ferma ai paesi in via di sviluppo. Oggi più che mai abbiamo esempi eccezionali che incarnano la reale possibilità di cambiare il mondo della finanza senza rinunciare ai profitti. Perché sia “Vaatsalya” che “Banco Sol” sono due imprese che fanno […]

Vaatsalya awarded the Inaugural Porter Prize in India for Value based Healthcare

Supported by Michael Porter, the guru of competitive strategy, the prestigious awards have been based on four major pillars to identify and reward the most outstanding companies for their Strategy. Capitalizing on Industry Dynamics It is crucial for a company to achieve sustainable competitive advantage by protecting and enhancing its distinctive characteristics. Identify strategic positions […]

Healthcare In India : An investment that works - Report by Responsability

Celebrating International Nurses Day might be considered a commonplace event in some countries or may not even be celebrated at all. But in India, where there is a critical need for medical personnel, the event observed on May 12 at Vaatsalya Hospitals, a chain catering to semi-urban and rural areas,1 truly gave reason to celebrate. […]

Of pizzas, pills and panchayats : E Kumar Sharma - Business Today Blogs

Urban India may be used to getting a pizza delivered in 30 minutes. Ok, may be in 45 minutes, given the gridlock and traffic snarls on most Indian roads but we all know it takes a lot more waiting than this to get appropriate medical aid. The challenges, as we all know again, get compounded […]

Prescription For Growth - Vaatsalya profiled in Outlook Business

via Anyone who’s studied emerging markets talks about the opportunities the bottom of the pyramid offers, especially in India. Reams have been written on how 70% of the population lives in rural areas and 75.6% live on less than $2 a day. The lack of access to basic social needs, weak infrastructure, resource scarcity […]

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