Social Entrepreneurship

Your house is flooded, what would you do first?

“You return from a movie and found your house if completely flooded. Your tap is running. You must have forgotten to turn it off! What would you do first?” This is the question Ribhu Vohra posed to a bunch of us recently at an event organised by YPO, Hyderabad along with Ashoka, Innovators for the […]

This Father's day is Empathy Day

“Tomorrow is Fathers day in our school. You have to come to my class. You can sit with me. Yaaay” How do you fight this pure unadulterated enthusiasm from a five year old. I had to reluctantly agree. And was dragged along with a few other, equally reluctant fathers to a pre-school with four and […]

It is not about giving money. Its about sharing the passion

A busy CEO is on the phone with an important client. He feels a tug at this shirt sleeve. Looks down and his four year old daughter is looking up to him. Papa, lets go to the park to play. He signals her to keep quiet. And goes on with his call. He can see […]

The future of work will not look like work

Early this month, one news article caught the corporate world by storm. Zappos CEO, Tony Hseih sent an internal memo to his company, which looked like the scene where Neo was asked by Morpheus in Matrix to chose the blue or the red pill. Zappos is going to be self organised and self managed – and will […]

Reinventing and redesigning your life to make it interesting?

Its a joy to meet George. He is full of life and ideas. I had a chance to catch up with him after couple of years in Bangalore. We spoke about all the interesting things he has been working on – the TV show – Nazar ya Nazariya with Naseeruddin Shah, The EYEWAY project for […]

I don't have the statistics, all i know is - we need action

How can every child in India get the most appropriate treatment when they need it, irrespective of location and ability to pay. This is Dr Sai’s mission of life. When we were talking about some statistics, she simply said “I don’t have the statistics, all i know is that we need action”. And she IS action. She founded Ekam about […]

Please dont ever ask a social entrepreneur about Impact measurement. It hurts

Put a few social entrepreneurs in a room and wait for few minutes. Three themes of discussion will emerge within 10 mins. Funding is scarce. Hiring Sucks. And Impact measurement is tough. And impact measurement is the toughest amongst these three. FOr some reason, most of us have reconciled ourselves with the first two. Third […]

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