Startups in India

You are not the Unicorn. You are Awesome.

goes a kannada proverb. Which means “build a house or organise a wedding”. Historically, two key tests of human endurance. In this age, let me add a third,   I have met countless founders, both as an entrepreneur and now as an aspiring angel investor, who put on a face and go on bottling up […]

Why look for an Advisor, when all you need is a bud***iser

No one. Let me say this again. NO ONE can advise you on how to turn your startup into a success. As a founder, you have to make all the mistakes, hopefully in the right order, and learn from it. That’s the only way you will build a company. At most, people can give their […]

Building an ACE TEAM - Simple yet powerful lessons learnt.

There is nothing an organisation can’t accomplish if the entire team is rowing in the same direction. Getting everyone to row in the same direction is what separates an ordinary team from an Ace team. Building an ace team, however is incredibly, incredibly tough! Recently, I got a crash course in building an ace team […]

Whats with the hype on startups and angels?

Read Dan Lyons brilliant article Let’s All Shed Tears For The Crappy Startups That Can’t Raise Any More Money on ReadWriteWeb Excerpts: Startup Ecosystems It’s wannabe journalists writing about wannabe investors giving money to wannabe entrepreneurs and everyone in the circle jerk believing that the whole thing makes perfect sense because, trust us. On the bubble […]

What do you do when things don't go as per plan?

One of my favourite things to say about startups. Is things sometimes go from bad to worse. And then things get even worse. Some one recently asked me what do you do when things go from horrible to more horrible. Thats what not i meant. I think there is a difference between worse and horrible. […]

The hardest part of a startup? Hiring

Much harder than funding, launching products or services, and everything else. Hiring is the single hardest thing to do in a startup. And also the most important thing. Because hiring in startups is not just recruitment. Its sales. You are selling the company, your vision, and a chance to change the world. And asking someone […]

Is the "Right to experiment" a fundamental right?

All of us talk about innovation, few talk about the right to experiment or right to innovate. When Vinay Dabholkar invited me to panel discussion on “Managing Big Bets” at the innovation workshop he was conducting, i jumped at the opportunity. It was a great opportunity to learn more. More importantly to catch up with Vinay, from whom i […]

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