kpmgDelivering high quality, low cost care
KPMG South Africa
Past 10years, there has been an unprecedented growth globally in the number of people rising out of poverty to achieve middle-class status. This population, often referred to as the middle-of-the pyramid, has a significant disposable income and an increasing demand for healthcare. Read More

GEtechHealthcare Access and Challenges
GE Healthcare
Scaling up Healthcare in smaller towns – Challenges and Opportunities. Sharing the Vaatsalya story with the GE Healthcare team.
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cropped-streamJaipur11.jpgParasitic Innovation
WPP Stream
How do we leverage existing systems to bring services and products to the most inaccessible regions and clients. My talk on parasitic innovation at WPP Stream India
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unmetroThe small town healthcare opportunity
Unmetro Bangalore
The metro cities are no longer the elite group of the country and the tier II and tier III cities are undergoing a rapid economic development. How can brands look at Tier II and III towns. Read More