Healthy Beer launched in Kerala

Spent some time with Dr. Jagannatha Rao, and was talking about his company and the different types of beer. Conversation came around to Healthy beer, launched by his company recently. Sify says An Indian firm has launched a vitamin-rich beer which it says protects the body from the harmful effects of alcohol. Ladybird Bio Beer […]

A new trend: Indian players getting into to International Play

Inorganic international growth seems to be the new trend. Indian biotech industry is repackaging itself from a low end research/manufacturing base and positioning itself as global players! From Pharma Pulse The latest Pharma Insights report from PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) indicates that as pressures on the pharmaceutical industry increase, global consolidation will continue. According to the study, […]

Hilarious post on being Tamilian

Ideasmith says Last year I was at a cousin’s wedding in Chennai (where else?). Alongside kaapi and kanjeevarams, I got a earful of the latest ‘grand experience’. The topic on everyone’s lips was the wedding the previous month, of the son of Mrs.Copper-Sulphate-Blue-with-mango-border-saree (visible in the distance) to his colleague. And why? Because ‘the girl’ […]

Vertical Job Portal

Came across this interesting concept on Gautam’s Blog. Vertical Job Engines! Just when i thought we had enough of job sites, this one comes up. Actually the company SimplyHired sounds very interesting.

VC funding for biotech in India

SUDIPTA SEN (MD, SAS Institute, India) in financial times, VC funding is available but seed stage and early stage funding is still a distant dream for entrepreneurs. The government has a much greater role to play in the growth of biotechnology in India. Besides developing a robust regulatory framework and setting up biotech parks, an […]

Walking tour of Bangalore

Must try this sometime (more at If you really want to understand Bangalore, what makes it tick, why it is what it is, join us on this walk through Victorian Bangalore. See Schedule Buy Tickets Now! Been on this walk already ? Check out The End of Empire walk How long is the walk? […]

National Rural Health Mission launched

The NRHM also plans to train and enhance capacity of Panchayati Raj Institutions(PRIs) to own, control and manage public health services. The Mission also envisages the following roles for PRIs: States are required to commit for devolution of funds, functionaries and programmes for health to PRIs; the District Health Mission should be chaired by Zila […]

Indian Hospitals Informatics Network

My comments on the Care2x list at sourceforge I noticed that there is considerable interest in Care2X deployment in India, so i thought i will share my thoughts and our experiences. A. Number of implementations of Care2x are not substantial, and also not much publicised B. There is considerable amount of customization needed to make […]

Ricardo Semler and Semco

In Brazil, on the factory floor and in the office, workers at the SEMCO manufacturing and services conglomerate pretty much call their own shots. Some might call it Anarchic Socialism, maybe others, cutting-edge capitalism – whatever, it’s certainly paying financial dividends. Indeed, it’s so successful that it’s unorthodox “worker participation” approach is being extended to […]

Exciting times ahead for the pharmaceutical Industry

Exciting times ahead THE pharmaceutical industry can look to exciting times as huge global opportunities are set to come its way, especially with the new Patents Act in place, according to Dr William A. Haseltine, one of the leading experts in genomics. He said the new Patents Act had changed the global perception of India, […]

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