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Airline Booking in India

List of online price comparison and booking sites Zoomtra (tags: zoomtra, online,travel, airline, booking) Flightraja (Now Via) (tags: flightraja, via, online,travel, airline, booking) Yatra (tags: Yatra, online,travel, airline, booking) TravelGuru (tags: travelguru, online,travel, airline, booking) Make My Trip (tags: Makemytrip, online,travel, airline, booking) Ezeego1 (tags: ) ClearTrip (tags: ) A whole new bunch of online flight comparison and booking sites have come up in the recent past. I recommend Zoomtra and Flightraja for rates and ease of use.

Now, fly to New York for 32K

International airfares to the United States have fallen about 20 percent as airlines prepare to fill their seats in the lean period. Return economy class fares between India and New York are down from Rs 38,000 to Rs 40,000 levels to Rs 31,500. Most leading airlines including Air-India, Lufthansa, Delta, Alitalia and American are offering […]

History of low cost airlines

British entrepreneur Freddie Laker is recognized world over as the person who pioneered venture to open the skies for low cost travel in 1977. The Sky Train went bust in 1982 when stronger competitors used unfair means to drive him out of the business. But his legacy not only lives on but has since become […]

Airlines in India

I have been watching the indian airline industry and it looks like its going to take off in a HUGE way. I believe the last paris airshow was completely hijacked by carriers from india, and was literally a india show. In this blog, i will jot down my take on what is happening, and where […]

Air Deccan

Flew Air Deccan from Bangalore – Delhi – Bangalore last week. Its great service for the price, and i love the no frills experience. Good points – Price !! – Clean Planes (i think they have a new fleet) – Good Service Not so good points – Leg space – Long lines