Bloomberg Quint – Mental Health and COVID19

More Attention, No Institutional Mechanism For every million people in India, there are just three psychiatrists, and even fewer psychologists, according to a 2015 WHO report. Mental health professionals discontinuing appointments during the lockdown compounded the problem for patients. Add to that the stress and anxiety from job losses, loan defaults, and the general uncertainty. […]


As India's lockdown ends, a mental health crisis is just beginning

Cases of mental illness have risen by 20% in India since the country went into lockdown. Only through local, community-based responses will India find the capacity to cope with this unfolding crisis. Here are three evidence-based approaches that can unlock the power of communities in this fight. India witnessed the largest containment experiment in history, […]

Improving access to basic services through social entrepreneurship

This is an excerpt from an article i wrote for Economic Times recently. According to a recent McKinsey report, 46% of Indian families cannot access or afford basic services, which include access to decent health services, sanitation, nutrition, social security, food, energy, housing and education. About 50% of public spend on basic services doesn’t reach […]

My article in Deccan Herald

A genome scan for your doctor With access to a person’s genome and the variations in it, doctors will be able to recommend prevention strategies based on the genetic make up. The day is not far when a visit to the doctor’s clinic will entail a genome scan for your ailments. This technology has been […]