#5 Corruption is a cancer and India will not make any progress if we are pulled back everytime by corruption, in every sphere of life. There is only one party which has made this issue a priority and gone for the jugular. If we shake this system of absolutely blatant systemic and endemic corruption, our generation would have done something productive with our vote.

Aam Aadmi Party Election Poster
Aam Aadmi Party Election Poster (Photo credit: ramesh_lalwani)

#4 Good & Clean candidates who have worked on social issues or have built a reputation on the basis of integrity and hard work. Bangalore’s own Nina Nayak, V Balakrishnan and Babu Mathew are great examples. Please support them.
#3 Unconventional yet simple tactics to engage volunteers and supporters. Supporters from the entire country have lined up to volunteer their time and money. Why? Because we are fed up by the mockery of democracy by our elected representatives. The Aam Aadmi and Aurat is demanding better governance and accountability. AAP is the only credible party which will atleast make an earnest attempt to fix these issues.
#2 It takes guts to take unpopular positions. Questioning crony capitalism, demanding Delhi police to be under Delhi govt, are issues no one has raised but are questions that need to be addressed. It takes tremendous belief in your values and principles to stand up and take a stance. And AAP has not shirked from taking a stance and standup for what the party believes in.
#1 And finally my vote is for AAP, for making all of us believe change is indeed possible. Two years ago, a mass movement to mobilize youth and elderly alike across the country and making corruption a central issue for the country was unimaginable. But AAP did it. Today there is no politician who is not worried about AAP and their candidates. And that brings me hope. Hope for a better tomorrow. My vote is not just for AAP but for hope for a better tomorrow.
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