In the hospital industry, we deal with life and death on a daily basis. Our motto at Vaatsalya has been, whatever the outcome, we will do our best. Time and again, our patients and their families have reiterated this message. We have repeatedly heard them say – “your team tried their best”, “we know that we will be taken care of”, “if no other hospital can handle this in town, Vaatsalya can”, “we feel that Vaatsalya team took it upon themselves to take care of this issue”.
At the end of the day, what better satisfaction than to know that we do our best every day to help our patients and families.
I am attaching a letter written to the local newspaper by Mr Raghavendra Sharma Naribol, who unfortunately lost his brother in an untimely fashion. What he has illustrated is the challenge of getting good healthcare in small towns settings and how hospitals treat their customers. Also, how our team in Vaatsalya Hospital Gulbarga did their best, again.
Gist of the attached article (Translated in English below)
Do not play with Patient’s lives
Good quality healthcare in a district like Gulbarga seems to be out of reach for many. Due to this, most of us end up going to neighboring Sholapur for all critical issues. A recent incident will illustrate this issue clearly
On 2nd March 2013, my 40 year old brother suffered from low BP and we called the ambulance service 108. We went to the newly opened hospital on the court road, and we were told that the doctor is on leave and we were asked not to take the patient out of the ambulance.
We rushed to the next hospital and we were told to deposit 5000 rupees saying, we get a lot of people like you. We promptly deposited the money. After 30 mins we were told that the patient situation is critical, please take them to a higher center with better facilities. When we rushed to the medical college hospital, we were told that they dont have beds available. If they had beds, they would have treated my brother. We were told to rush the patient to sholapur or hyderabad. We are also told, even if you take him to america, its difficult to treat my brother. Disappointed by the callous attitute of the staff and the delay in securing the bed, we decided to shift my brother to Vaatsalya hospital in Gulbarga.
The staff at Vaatsalya immediately attended to my brother immediately and started treatment. We were assured, “We will try our best, rest is in the hands of God”. The care and attention shown by the emergency team doctors and staff was admirable and praiseworthy. Despite their best efforts, my brother breathed his last in the evening. Vaatsalya staff demonstrated true “Vaatsalya” for my brother.
No doctor wants his patients to suffer. If you try your best, but the patient deteriorate, who can do anything. But dont let a patient suffer between life and death. Till the last minute of life, ensure best available treatment is provided. Its easy to treat patients who will survive anyways, the challenge should be to ensure critical patients are treated and lives saved.
If the patient expires, it is needless headache for the hospital, doctors reputation and legal issues, let these matters not deter you. Let your mission be that you will try to the best of your ability and skills. Considering your debt to the society, ensure that at each step of the way you show your humane nature.
Medical and hospital profession is not a way to generate wealth, this is a noble profession to demonstrate your service mentality. If you want to attract patients by advertisements and flyers to make money, please choose some other profession, and please dont play with patient’s lives.