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“Income alone may be insufficient: How employers can help advance health equity in the workplace”

Recent McKinsey report says

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  1. Recognizing the disparity of resources within the workforce is a crucial step in making efforts to increase employee satisfaction.
  2. It is also important to take cognizance of diversity, and accordingly, create dynamic tools that ensure inclusivity – as employees of marginalized communities find it difficult to avail benefits that are usually more accessible to employees in the dominant strata.
  3. The benefits that cover basic needs, like housing, transportation, communication, et cetera.
  4. It should be modified for better accessibility and usage, and thus be brought to life with care for every individual in the workforce.
  5. Receiving care, posting concerns, and feedbacks should be destigmatized, so that employees from all social backgrounds feel assured of the psychological safety in the workplace. Read more about psychological safety below
  1. The workforce should adapt to an inclusive language in all channels of communication.
  2. Employers must ensure support through culturally competent providers for counseling, training, and spreading awareness.

With the volatility in health sector and decline of mental health, it has become an indispensable responsibility of employers to step up as leaders and provide for employee wellbeing at work.

How To Handle Mental Health Conversations In The Workplace

As we see a growing acceptance of conversations on mental health among friends and family, it is unlikely to have that space at work, Dr. Dawn Brown writes for Forbes.

She enlists some suggestions to enable such conversations with care and consideration:

1.     Being part of building a positive environment – Making it conducive, inclusive, backed by an informed and empathetic vocabulary.

2.     Speaking up for yourself if and when you need to – Being cognizant of signs and symptoms through effective communication and awareness.

3.     Listening with understanding – Listening without being dismissive and judgmental – making efforts to understand where they are coming from.

Read more below

10 In-Office Games for Team Building

As workplaces are gearing up for hosting the workforce again, it is vital to be equipped with ways to reinvigorate team-building, with a popular choice being in-office games:

1. Blind drawing

2. Tongue-twisters

3. Virtual ‘murder mystery’

4. Two truths and a lie

See the full list below

How to Keep Your Employees Happy and Engaged: Detailed Guide

Rimi Sharma, for Manah Wellness, guides on how to keep employees happy and engaged:

1. Encourage work-life balance

2. Recognise efforts

3. Encourage and foster creativity

4. Provide opportunities of growth

Get the full guide here

And if you have not yet gotten your copy of the Return to Work Checklist for Emotionally Healthy Workplaces, head over to and get your copy today!

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