Created on 2016-06-07 04:03

Published on 2016-06-07 04:20

In our rapidly changing, interconnected world, all of us will be called on to lead and those who have been practicing changemaking from a young age will be that much more prepared to thrive and succeed.

We know this because:
• 80% of Ashoka social entrepreneurs launched their first organizations and initiatives before they turned 20;
• Those who get a head start in their teens are 4 times more likely to later become entrepreneurs as well as 4 times more likely to be top leaders in the business sector.

That’s why we are working together to help every young person, parent and educator grasp that if a young person today wants to be a valued player at any level tomorrow, they’d better practice fostering ideas, building teams, and changing the world now.

Help us tell us these powerful and compelling stories of changemakers in your network, who got a start as entrepreneurs in their youth. We cannot wait to hear your stories to compile a great selection of entrepreneurs from around the world.