Taking my daughter to school everyday is an adventure. Traffic is piled up all allroads and anxious parents with kids in hurry are cutting everyone else in all directions. One of the major bottlenecks is the intersection of inner circle and ecc road. And this is where an autodriver took it upon himself to help clear traffic about three months ago. And he is at it daily, with his auto parked on the side. Lately he has purchased a whistle too. I had a quick word with him today. In between his whistles, he simply said. I am a auto driver, this is my one hour duty.
Auto drivers usually work round the clock and after paying for all expenses on the auto make about 400 rupees a day. Barely enough to make a living. Early morning office and school time is peak business hour for them. And here is a person who is on his one hour duty without expecting anything in return.
Would you take out one hour of your day and do some thing meaningful?
What is your one hour duty?


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