Ziqitza’s charges vary depending upon the patients’ ability to pay. The poorest patients, usually those seeking admission to the general wards of Government-run hospitals, pay half the standard rate. Around 20 per cent pay nothing. Because of Ziqitza’s mass services to society, they have won more than $80 million in Government contracts which itself says that the blueprint can be scaled. Another story is based in a distant village of Bihar where Husk Power Systems (HPS) started by a group of individuals who pared their foreign dreams and electrified the life of many villagers who had not seen electricity in their life. Yes, it comes at a cost which they are happily ready to pay. HPS uses innovative technology to convert abundant rice husks into energy that provides power. The technology has covered 150 villages and plans to cover 20,000 villages for which they require the impact capital. The return may be slow and distant but the changes and smiles are visible on the faces of the villagers.…

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