And to do that, Sreedharan had to

1. Acquire 5000 hectares of land from 42,000 assorted land owners.

2. Build 2000 Bridges, both major and minor, across Marshes, swamps, rivers and backwaters.

3. Blast 92 tunnels, totaling 83 kilometers in length through Basalt, nature’s adamantium and soft soil, nature’s china clay. You need nuclear weapons and Arnold to bore through the former while the latter generally collapsed on itself, if someone as much as farted.

And then came the most difficult task in the Indian Index Of Difficult tasks

4. Dealing And Negotiating With The Chief Ministers, Home Ministers, Other Ministers And Their Chelas Of Four Different States.

And to complete all of the above tasks, Dr Sreedharan, was given 8 years.

It would be like Hercules being asked to accomplish his twelve tasks, blinded and with one hand tied to his back, in three days.

This is Hercules

Needless to say, he would have failed.

Dr Sreedharan, supposedly retired and who qualified for Indian Railway’s senior citizen quota, finished the job in 7 years…-644

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