I think we should all take a break, ban or no-ban. I am quite amused by the exaggerated worries from all those doe-eyed bloggers. Lets face it, if the govt bans the blogs, we will find a way to get around it. I know there are enough smart people who are blogging, and continue to get their “feeds” no matter what. As shoubhagya has been repeatedly pointing out, its not a “ban”, its a glitch. Ok the ISPs went a little overboard, and knocked the whole blogspotters out. The government is doing its job (i hope) and everything will come up fine in a few days. Till then you can try out for your posts. BTW, i love the fact that the communications ministry is “cool” in the sense that they know blogs (and the potential) and our ISPs goofed up! Lets see, hmm, the babu’s are blog-clued and our bharti, mtnl, and some of our top ISPS are clue-less. Yeaah

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