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We caught up with “Venky” Venkatesh, Group CHRO of RPG group who shared his vision of Permanent Work from Home/Anywhere, the corporate philosophy of Hello Happiness and hiring 8 CXOs remotely including 4 CEOs for their group businesses.

Key takeaways

  • What you do in tough times, people will remember in good times, so take a long term view
  • Work from anywhere at RPG now implemented for factory based employees if their work doesn’t require them to be in office
  • A Chief Fitness Officer (“The New CFO”) is now onboard at RPG

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Job Skills of the Future

Bernard Marr has a great post on top 5 skills needed for the future

1. Emotional intelligence

2. Creativity

3. Flexibility and adaptability

4. Data literacy

5. Tech savviness

Watch the video below or read more on his page

Workplace Wellbeing Plans

COVID-19 is the defining disruptor of our times. But the good news is that business leaders and decision-makers are determined to respond to it with clarity and empathy.

In most organisations, leaders genuinely want to help their employees manage the demands of work and family, and to make them feel valued at work.

In some respects, employers can’t afford to look the other way. The period since early 2020 has been immensely stressful for workers. Many companies cut salaries or jobs, leading to widespread financial uncertainty.

Surveys showed that incidence of anxiety and depression hit all-time peaks during this time. In addition to all this, work relationships and culture took a beating due to the sudden shift to remote work.

Owing to these reasons, employers are concerned that voluntary turnover could rise in the post-pandemic phase as the economy improves and employees find more job opportunities coming their way.

No surprise, therefore, that employee health and well-being are among the biggest priorities of employers today.

According to the 2021 HR Sentiment Survey by Future Workplace, ‘employee wellbeing and mental health’ was the #1 priority of HR professionals in the US.

A global survey of 1,000 leaders by Infosys yielded similar findings: investments in remote connectivity, and the safety and well-being of employees were among the top aspects of workplace transformation chosen by the surveyed employers.

Pillars of employee wellbeing

As organisations reopen their offices or contemplate shifting to a hybrid structure, the most common question on leaders’ minds is: what are the best ways to support employee wellbeing at my workplace?

We wrote about this on, you can read below

And if you have not yet gotten your copy of the Definitive Guide to Employee Wellbeing, head over to and get your copy today!

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