Just when we thought the space is already crowded, this shows up

US-based venture capital companies Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Sherpalo Ventures have invested in as the Indian online travel market starts showing signs of getting crowded.
Though financial details weren’t available, media reports earlier this year indicated that is to receive an investment worth US$3 million from VCs.

So now we have KPCB-Cleartrip + WBCP-TravelGuru + NorWest-YatraOnline. It would be interesting to do a prospective study on who this pans out, lets say in three years, i think thats when everyone will be clicking and flying, or clicking and booking or clicking and vacationing.
Maybe i can track the news about these three companies. Lets start with the funding,
Cleartrip – 3 M USD
TravelGuru – 10 M USD
Yatra Online – Significant
Clearly, my dear friends the winner is Yatra Online with “Significant”, i love that word.


    • imran

    • 18 years ago got really good deal.

    • ashwin

    • 18 years ago

    Any one seen the lame commercial on TV for travelguru. From website
    “The 15 second TV commercial opens with a person sitting in an airport security lounge, laughing hysterically. Next to him is this person who doesn’t look amused by this. He continues laughing… almost reaching a point where he losses his breath… He looks at his co-passenger gathers his breath and asks him… How much did you say you paid for your ticket? We see the other passenger really annoyed and irritated, trying to find a place to hide. While the other man continues to laugh, we hear a voice over: Everyone knows where to find the best travel deals. Get smart. Get onto Travelguru.”
    Come on guys, make me come to your site. Make it interesting.

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