At Vaatsalya, we have been fascinated by and impressed with cloud based services. The primary draw is no capital expense, ease of setup, and constant updates (automatic). Not to mention we dont need to run expensive servers or a large IT team to manage those. Vaatsalya has been experimenting and adopting a variety of tools which are cloud based to help us manage and track information. As we have hospitals running in multiple locations, we needed to ensure all our systems are accessible remotely and with minimal intervention by IT folks.
Here is a list of things which we use and highly recommend!
– Hospital Information Management System including inventory and dashboards – Medics – Developed by UBQ software and customized for Vaatsalya.
– Helpdesk/ Support software – Both internal and external – Zoho Support
– Project Management and Team Collaboration – Asana
– Customer Relationship Management – Zoho CRM
– Performance Review and Feedback- Small Improvements (Testing phase)
– Recruitment – Zoho Recruit
– Procurement – Custom product (ProcureXpress) – Developed by Audech
– Email – Google/Gmail
– Spreadsheets/Documents – Google Docs
– Customer Engagement – MailChimp
Except for Financial Package – Tally & parts of Human Resources Information System, everything is now off the servers and in the cloud. We are exploring a bunch of other systems and will update this list.

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