I opened the front door and this kid was standing on the porch and reading the newspaper. My newspaper. A kid i have never seen before. In full school uniform with overstuffed bag, water bottle and shiny shoes.
First thing that came to my mind was, tche! I should have subscribed to a better newspaper. He is probably reading crap on the front page. In the meanwhile, he had noticed me, and quickly dropped the paper on the chair outside and started walking away, towards the main gate. In my ea

Reading the newspaper: Brookgreen Gardens in P...
Reading the newspaper: Brookgreen Gardens in Pawleys Island, South Carolina, United States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

rly morning stupor, all kinds of crazy stories started forming in my mind. Is this a new neighbor’s kid? Why would he come to read the newspaper here. And what kind of 10 year old is really into reading newspaper? I also had not found the newspaper outside some days. Could he be the reason?
Then i see another kid about 7 or 8 coming from the opposite side of our complex with a milk packet in his hand. Oh, i see the scam. Elder brother is stealing the newspaper and younger one milk. But, wait a minute. Thats not possible, we have security on the front gate.
I signaled the younger kid to come by and asked him who he is. Again, same getup, shiny shoes, tie, school badge… And he said “Uncle, i am delivering Milk” and hands over the milk packet to me. And asks for the coupon. Notices his brother standing outside the gate, waiting for him.
Delivering milk on the way to school. And elder one delivers newspaper. Father has parked his bike on the road next to the other apartment complex and has delegated the last mile delivery of our complex to these two boys, 8 and 10, who are on their way to school. At 7:00 in the morning.
How is it not possible that these two kids will probably eat everyone in their class for lunch, 10 years from now. I just hope school doesn’t undo this real education.

“There are two types of education… One should teach us how to make a living, And the other how to live.”
? John Adams

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    • Anonymous

    • 12 years ago

    One of the best posts on your blog, Sir. There’s an element of ‘fight-for-it’ in most of your posts. I keep coming back for that.

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