Arijit Guha, A Graduate Student Suffering From Stage IV Colon Cancer Utilizes Twitter To Convince Aetna CEO To Cover ‘Every Last Penny’ Of His 114k Medical Bill Showcases The Growing Power Of Social Media

Arijit Guha, an Arizona State University graduate student with Stage IV colon cancer faced with a 114k and rising medical bills whose medical policy ran out half way through his treatment waged a Twitter war against Aetna’s CEO Mark T. Bertolini with him agreeing to “cover every last penny.” Despite taking out a policy under the university’s health plan, which cost him $400 a month, its carrier Aetna had an annual cap on pay-outs. After undergoing surgery and chemotherapy, he had exhausted his policy’s lifetime limit of $300,000. Under the Affordable Healthcare Act, lifetime caps have been eliminated; however, the caps are still in effect for student plans until August 1.
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