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Sibal on Clinical Trials

From CIOL He further added that the government is also putting in place a system to help various projects starting from research and development stage to proceed till manufacturing phase. “For this, continuous support in the form of public private partnerships to continue the chain of things has to be in place,” said Sibal. Foreseeing […]

My article in Deccan Herald

A genome scan for your doctor With access to a person’s genome and the variations in it, doctors will be able to recommend prevention strategies based on the genetic make up. The day is not far when a visit to the doctor’s clinic will entail a genome scan for your ailments. This technology has been […]

A new trend: Indian players getting into to International Play

Inorganic international growth seems to be the new trend. Indian biotech industry is repackaging itself from a low end research/manufacturing base and positioning itself as global players! From Pharma Pulse The latest Pharma Insights report from PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) indicates that as pressures on the pharmaceutical industry increase, global consolidation will continue. According to the study, […]

National Rural Health Mission launched

The NRHM also plans to train and enhance capacity of Panchayati Raj Institutions(PRIs) to own, control and manage public health services. The Mission also envisages the following roles for PRIs: States are required to commit for devolution of funds, functionaries and programmes for health to PRIs; the District Health Mission should be chaired by Zila […]

Indian Hospitals Informatics Network

My comments on the Care2x list at sourceforge I noticed that there is considerable interest in Care2X deployment in India, so i thought i will share my thoughts and our experiences. A. Number of implementations of Care2x are not substantial, and also not much publicised B. There is considerable amount of customization needed to make […]

HBS Working Knowledge: Globalization: Funding R&D for Neglected Diseases

“Drug developers have little incentive to undertake costly research needed to develop vaccines for diseases that ravage the world’s poor. After all, vaccines often wind up for sale for pennies in poor countries following government intervention. Developers can’t even recoup their costs. The solution? Turn to market mechanisms, argue two Harvard University faculty in a […]

CK Prahalad on Health Care

All the U.S. business schools starting to do research in India want to study Indian health care. Why do they (including your center) want to study Indian health care when everybody knows how inadequate and inefficient this health care system is? Health care, like everything else in India, is a paradox. Overall, health care in […]

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