Entrepreneur. She wrote finally. Thats what he always filled in forms. She hated it. Hated the spelling. Hated him being an entrepreneur. Now she hated filling the stupid form.
The police inspector looked at the form. “Hm. Everyone wants to be Narayanamurthy” he thought. With a little bit of regret. BE Mechanical Engineer from BHU. Distinction. Karnataka Cadre 98. “I should have become an entrepreneur”. Handed the form over to constable, PC58. “Thank god the inspector speaks Hindi, cant understand what the digga constables are saying” She thought. Inspector Singh moved to dining table to speak to the father. PC58’s walkie talkie crackled. “Cheetah 8, RMZ apartments main gate hattira iddive”. “Sir, Cheetah is here”.
PC58 on Walkie “Cheetah, Second floor, firsht building. Shecurtee kel appa. Missing sahebru manege baralikke helu”
Watchman saw the cheetah coming. Immediately, he went into update mode. Saaru bellige jagging hogidru Saar, innu bandilla. Daily hogalla saar. Ondu dina jagging hogtare, innondu dina gymmige. Eewathu nanu day shift, 9 gante bande. Night shift Chandrappa, phone madiddini. 10 gantege madam karedu Sir bandra anta kelidru. Ella ande. Chandrappa bartawne. Second floor, firsht building saar.
Cheetah 8 was hurring to the second floor first building. To the missing sahebru’s house. Inspector Singh had relayed from control room 45 mins ago. Late by 20 mins now. This Naarth Indian Saar will not understand my problem only. He looked at the cctv camera on the front entrance. Ok.
Missing sahebru’s was now gone for about 5 hours. 2 Hours ago IG Police, South Bangalore, Burman Saar had called Inspector Singh on his mobile. Missing Sahebru’s father’s cousin had called Burman Saar. Cheetah had got all this from the control room at Iblur. He cursed himself for being the last one on the scene. Cheetah. Chee. Thoo.
Inspector Singh noticed him. Cheetah 8 did a quick salute, and moved towards PC58. PC58 was talking to a neighbour. Missing Sahebru’s wife was looking down. PC58 jumped to his feet. “En Saar, idu. eno, entre punter anta bardiddare elli. Accupation en anta bariyodu effiaar nalli”. Cheetah smiled at neighbour saar, “Sir, thoda help chahiye. Yeh kya accupation hai?” Spoke a little loudly to impress Singh Saheb. Hindi mein Bola. Not loud enough for everyone to notice that he didnt know what it meant. “Oh, ownera? Businessmana? wok wok. PC58 idu cut madi ille bari – Chairman and Managing Director”. He repeated. Cee Em Dee. Loudly. PC58 struck out Entrepreneur. And wrote Cee Emm Dee. Went to the neighbor to get witness signature. “Please do the needful” he said. Loudlier. In English.
Missing sahebru’s wife looked up. He always hated the Cee Em Dee type designations. He would get upset if he saw this on the form today.Please read more at Whatever. If he didnt go missing, there would be no form. She was in no mood to argue with Cheetah. Where could he go. What happened? He used to be back by 8. Phone is switched off. Very strange. That phone is never switched off. Never. Ever.
Kidnapped? Who would do that? Abscond. Why would he do that? He did speak about the suicide of owner of Raj Travels. No way. What the hell happened. Should i inform his office?
Ding dong. Door bell rang.

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