Forbes India Magazine ran a story in their March Issue

India’s Primary Health Care Needs Quick Reform

Primary health care delivery needs to reinvent itself. Only then can India aim for universal health coverage

My take on the issue was that we need to set our expectations right. Nothings going to change in the next few years.

Private providers—from Fortis’ Shivinder Singh to Trehan—seem keen. But consensuses around the basic principles are still elusive. “Many of these meetings I go for turn out to be a verbal duel between government and private sectors. We both want affordability, access, and quality. Nothing can be solved in five years,” says Ashwin Naik, founder and chief executive of Vaatsalya Healthcare, a chain of hospitals in Tier II and III towns. The hope is, once rules are in place, with treatment protocols and rationalisation of cost and fee structure, which a NAC committee will bring out in a month, the needless battle will stop and the conversations towards a solution will begin.

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