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Published on 2021-11-30 17:09

This week we wrote a follow up article on YourStory on Workplace Wellbeing from last week

This is the second in the series

As workplaces start to think about return to work, there is a mix of excitement and concern. Most people i met are now eager to restart work, albeit cautiously.

As leaders look at restart, there is also a sense of reset. A step back to see how do we build back better. And not go back to the old ways, of pre-covid, work and life. This is the time to think bold, and reinvent.


Make Bold guesses and weed out the failures – Naval Ravikant

I guess this is the time to make bold moves about work, life, and what the future holds in store. And then weed out the failures.

Six months ago we did our own experiment of inviting writers to contribute articles about Wellbeing at Work on our platform –

Six months since, and more than 100 articles later, this experiment seems to be working with very high quality articles being posted by our team of contributors.

Top 10 Articles on Wellbeing at Work

This week’s newsletter is focused on showcasing the top 10 articles by our contributors

By Rimi Sharma

By Sanchit

By Raksha Chaitanya

By Apeksha Mehta

By Sunil Punjabi

By Anuj Jindal

By Shubhav Mehrotra

By Lisian Roseni

By Sanchit

By Raksha Chaitanya

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