Created on 2018-07-05 12:01

Published on 2018-07-05 12:05

During disasters, people across the country dont know what has happened or how to help. Every year 60 Million Indians are impacted by disasters. Victims fail to get the needed relief due to scattered humanitarian efforts

We are solving this by building a National Portal “Operation Resilience” that potentially reaches out to 1+ Crore Indians online to collect relevant relief goods

We do 

– Requirement Consolidation: Disaster Control Room consolidates relief requirement – ‘what is needed’ + ‘how much’ + ‘where’

Publicising Relief Crowdsourcing Portal

– A ‘Relief Crowdsourcing’ portal, soliciting exact relief requirements, is publicised via popular outreach partners and volunteer network

Channelising donations

– Donors can contribute to ‘relief fund’. They can also ‘buy & donate’ goods on the platform, which gets shipped to designated drop locations in bulk

Tracking & Coordination

– All donated contributions are tracked over a transparent centralised dashboard

As short presentation is attached for your review. We want your support to identify partner NGOs who are involved in relief work on the ground whom we can onboard to the platform. We would also love to get your support to publicize this portal to your network, so we can all help streamline relief crowdsourcing when needed.