Now you can. A canadian director has set up a website where you can help him make the movie! 

The difference: “” gives the public the opportunity to purchase parts of the film for $10/frame and be privy to the process of making the film. Instead of providing a space for small, still images, “” is a site where the purchase of frames lets people and companies post still images or video sequences for viewers to see. And, like Alex Tew’s pixel page, the buyers can link those frames to their own website for further viewing.
The return: In addition to owning a piece of the film, the buyers will not only receive advertising and website traffic but, in the event that the film turns a profit, they also stand to make a financial return proportional to the number of frames they’ve purchased. And if that wasn’t enough, buyers will also receive a credit of “Associate producer” on the film’s final credit roll. Large Volume buyers could also be eligible for executive producer credit and special privileges.

more at e media wire

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