Interesting twist on RSS. Can i pace my feeds? I am overloaded with alerts/emails/feeds from a variety of sources. I think this will be an interesting tool, where i can say, send me 5 pages/ 5 paragraphs everyday of this page/book. Check it out, sound intriguing.

If a user is allowed to tune the delivery times (i.e. the times at which their RSS reader picks up the content) then they could ensure that content is delivered at an appropriate time.
Say you have a slow Tuesday afternoon most weeks? Then schedule a content pickup for lunchtime Tuesday. The content won’t be languishing in your RSS reader marked as unread for days as you wait for your study day to come around. Instead, the content arrives at a time you said you’d be ready for it.
The two things I like about this idea, then, are:
Getting learning content pushed to a user’s personal space, as a result of the user subscribing to it, as opposed to publishing it to a ‘private’ VLE the student must log in to and only uses for their learning activities. This personal space idea is an important one, I think, as it embeds the learning material/content in channel’s thaty users use to receive content on a daily basis. That is, we are embedding learning in everyday activity (which may or may not be effective practise? But is is one way of rethinking lifelong learning, in the sense of integrating learning into everyday activities.
Allowing users to schedule delivery/pickup of content for times when they are likely to be able to consume it*.

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