Celebrating International Nurses Day might be considered a commonplace event in some countries or may not even be celebrated at all. But in India, where there is a critical need for medical personnel, the event observed on May 12 at Vaatsalya Hospitals, a chain catering to semi-urban and rural areas,1 truly gave reason to celebrate. In a country with only 13 nurses and 6 doctors per 10,000 people, Vaatsalya is one of many new health care providers bringing much-needed services to poor Indian families (see ? gure 1). Today, Vaatsalya operates about 17 hospitals. It has plans to grow to as many as 60 over the next ? ve years. Its expansion was made possible thanks mainly to private capital, and its strategy focuses on innovative and cost-effective ways to include India’s rural poor in its business model. This will provide tens of thousands of poor Indian families with affordable and reliable access to the most important health care services. This access enables poor households to live safer, healthier, and longer lives, and being healthier allows them to earn stable and higher incomes.

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