Being absolutely lazy, especially when it comes to saying something intelligible, we resorted to the age-old practice of copying and pasting our post on this forum from a few months ago (with small updates in bracket). Please find below. Just in case you are wondering, we indeed hired 3 inscrutable gentlemen (not any more) in the last round and they were last seen running helter-skelter on the streets of Mumbai to keep up with the pace of growth. Ironically, they are the ones who made the growth possible. Please write to them if you have any doubt about our intentions:,,
“Eating at one was the only exposure we and our ancestors ever had to restaurants. A bottle of old monk and some incisive bitching about our jobs on one fateful 2003 evening convinced us to open a restaurant. We named it FAASO’S – Fanatic Activism Against Substandard Occidental Shit – just so that it kept reminding us how crap burgers and pizzas were. So we decided to sell only desi stuff – rolls, kebabs and the likes. Close to heart, close to tongue, no issues if maid didn’t turn up to make food at home. Period.

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