Dal Khichdi and Chicken Kabab had just arrived at Tandoor Hut, a popular fast food eatery in Koramangala, next to our office.
Suddenly i heard someone on the next table talking on the phone “How can a one year old internet startup, that too in a country like India, have any revenues? They just dont get it. Actually, the early stage investment ecosystem is not there in India. Tcheh”.
And this is not the first time i heard something like this in a small but popular eatery in Koramangala. The other day, two guys were talking about recruitment challenges at the checkout counter of William Penn. And i heard one of the greatest startup hiring tip there – “Will over Skill”.
And then there is the Barista next to William Penn. Many a business plans have been made there. So is Cuppa. And Costa Coffee. If you want to feel the excitement first hand, just spend half a day at any of these places.

Koramangala (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being in Koramangala is like being in B-School, without the classrooms. Every other person is a guru on startups here.
I believe that there are more entrepreneurs per sft in Koramangala than any other place in India. Every coffee shop, book store, tandoori hut, golmaal paratha, lazeez, java city, barista, cuppa, toit, legends of rock, jukebox, hyderabad biryani…every place is full of them. All conversations are about traction, revenue, leverage, eyeballs, cpm, social media and some such thing. Everytime you step out on the streets of Koramangala, you will learn something new.
And this is not a new thing. I believe Infosys was born here. So did Biocon. Flipkart. And Many more.
So what makes Koramangala the hot spot for Startups? Is it really the Freemont of India? Hey Startup folks, tell me why you started up in Koramangala.
Do you know other startups which were born in Koramangala? Tweet them with #startup #borninkoramangala

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Apparently I am not alone.
From a recent interview in ET

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