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Mission Accomplished. Well sort of. But this was the hardest part of the C25k program, getting to do a 22 min run non-stop. Another three weeks to do a 30 mins run flat!
I know. I know. This is not a big deal for people like Sarabjeet and Bharati, who by the way gave me a great tip. Slow down.
Anyways, here is the run down on my ordeal. I am sharing this because i know i took this up because of other people who told me its possible. So here is my tip. Its possible. Do it.
(All of these are thrice a week)
Week 1: 8 repetitions of 60sec running, and 90sec brisk walking.
On the second day, legs cramped up. Third day completely out of breath and had to stop midway. So repeated Week 1 the next week. Better but not complete. Did it again, and worked third time!
Week 2: 6 repetitions of 90sec running, and by 2min brisk walking.
No problems doing this part. I thought i had cracked it. Wait.
Week 3: 90sec running, then 90sec walking; 3min running, 3min walking, 3min running, 3min walking, 90sec running and then 90sec walking.
First day, couldnt do the second 3 min running, had to walk the last one min. Repeated again the next day. Day 2 and 3 struggled and finished.
Week 4: 3min running, 90sec walking; 5min running, 2m30s walking, 3min running, 90sec walking; 5min running, and 2m30s walking.
Complete disaster. Had to repeat day 1 four times before completing. Running 5 mins was the killer. Almost quit.
Week 5: Hardest set. 20 mins run on day 3.
Aced this week. No issues. Was surprised. Had to check setting of the software which helps run the c25k if everything was ok. Measured the distance ran on google maps to make sure. It was true. Realised running is more mental than physical.
Week6: 22 mins flat
No problem. Still alive. And as if on cue, Nights in White satin from Moody Blues played.
So went from not being able to run 60 secs to 22 mins in six weeks. And learnt a few lessons along the way. Not a bad job, eh? By the way, check out the c25k program i use. Highly recommend it. Also the playlist to go with it.

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