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Published on 2015-06-14 08:38

A busy CEO is on the phone with an important client. He feels a tug at this shirt sleeve. Looks down and his four year old daughter is looking up to him.

Papa, lets go to the park to play.

He signals her to keep quiet. And goes on with his call. He can see from the corner of his eye that she is not happy. Sulking. But he has to do this call. Its important for him. For his career.

He finishes his call. And the again there is a tug at his shirt sleeve. He has many other things to do. But he cant say no to her any more.

Ok, lets go. But only 10 mins. OK?


They end up in the swings. Time seems to fly. 10 mins are over just like that.

Papa, can i play 10 more minutes.

He wanted to say no. But said


10 more minutes flew.

Can i play 10 more minutes please?

Sure. Go ahead.

And it struck him.

She was not asking him for 10 more minutes of his time. She was offering him 10 more minutes of her childhood.

This story shared by one of the Grants committee team member, Naren set the stage for the morning, where some of Pune’s leading businesspeople, part of the Pune chapter of SVP, assembled on a saturday morning, to listen to prospective grantees present their projects.

And like the child, the organisations who presented before them, didnt ask for the support from the people in the room. They were offering to share their passion. Passion for development of their neighborhood, their communities, their towns and their environment.

What was supposed to be 10 mins per presentation, morphed into to 30-40 mins per presentation. Questions were flying, suggestions were coming in. People offered to lead the engagement. People offered to look at financials. People offered to coach the organisation. And most importantly, everyone was engaged and shared in their passion.

Traditional Philanthropy is dead. This is the new philanthropy – Philanthrocapitalism.

No longer are Philanthrocapitalists happy with just inputs or even outputs based metrics. A home worker training program which will train 50 women to be better home workers is not enough. They want to know how much does the income of the person goes up by, by undergoing this training. They want to know how the family income goes up by this training. And the standard of living. How can the program scale from 50 to 500 women. And 5000. And how can we support them? Technology, Processes, connections…

Outcomes and Impact is the new currency of the Philanthrocapitalists.

Whether it is livelihood opportunities for disadvantaged youth, eco friendly bags, upskilling of domestic workers, or making of women’s health products, the focus was always on how to help improve outcome and impact. And all of the proposals were very early stage, with high risk of failure.

SVP Chairman, Ganesh Natarajan had set the stage early on.

“We have to take risks. If it was risk free, they wont be here in this room. And we wont be here to support them.”

And support, they did. With their money. And with their time. But today, it was not just money that was committed.

It was Passion that was Shared.

To know more about SVP Pune visit their website – or write to Shumita Mahajan or Ganesh Natarajan to become a Social Venture Partner.