The unique 10 ICU Bed kit is standardized and includes beds, medical equipment and installation support.

Mission ICU, a social initiative working exclusively towards building critical care infrastructure in the tier 2 towns and rural parts of India, has completed the installation of 100 ICU beds in 10 months. In February 2022 itself, they embarked on a massive 40-bed installation across 4 tier 2 towns in Maharashtra, installing 10 beds each, at Dhule, Sangli, Nanded and Buldhana, bringing the count to 100. This initiative is a crucial step towards strengthening critical care infrastructure across non-metro towns, which are in dire need of support, at present and in the future.

Speaking about the larger vision of Mission ICU, its co-founder, Dr Ashwin Naik said,”When a pandemic or other natural disasters hit, it is the rural and the remote areas that suffer the most due to lack of healthcare facilities. Through Mission ICU, our goal is to mobilize the spirit of philanthropy of global corporations and individuals to build a sustainable model of critical care in small towns, specifically by strengthening the public hospitals’ infrastructure.”

With the implementation of robust infrastructure at the heart of the organization, Mission ICU provide an end-to-end solution, right from sourcing funding, to due diligence, hospital selection, equipment procurement, and finally installation. The hospitals participating in this initiative were shortlisted post verification of numerous factors such as the ability to accommodate extra beds, caseload during COVID-19, population ratio and existing medical infrastructure.

The initiative has caught the attention of many eminent organisations who came on board to support Mission ICU,  including Arogya World, USA, Crypto Relief, United Way Bengaluru, Kantar, Wadhwani Foundation, USAID’s SAMRIDH Health initiative. Across 10 locations, Mission ICU has successfully increased the critical care capacity by 49.7% (an average of total ICU capacity increased compared to an earlier capacity of the hospitals).  These installations are estimated to save and impact the lives of 48000 people annually.

As of 2020, the rural population in India amounted to 65.07 % of the total population, as per the data from World Bank. However, 75% of India’s healthcare infrastructure is found in urban areas. With a 137% increase in its 2021-22 budget allocation for health and well-being, India is slowly moving towards its goal of developing robust healthcare infrastructure. Mission ICU, with its ambitious vision of bridging the gap between rural and urban areas, is on a tireless journey towards identifying inadequacies and addressing pain points with its cutting-edge ICU bed facilities.

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