11 People Management Skills Every Manager Should Master in 2022, Framework for Psychosocial Risks and when Livelihood meets Learning and Growth.

Created on 2022-02-18 17:51

Published on 2022-02-18 18:09

A Framework for Psychosocial Risks That India Inc Needs

Avik Chanda and his colleague wrote a great piece in ET outlining the framework needed by India Inc, read the full article here, excerpts below.

In August 2021, amidst the severe disruptions wrought by the pandemic, a new set of guidelines, ISO45003, was published by International Organization for Standardization (ISO), detailing the norms for managing psychosocial risks within the Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) framework.

·      OH&S Policy: Stakeholders should ensure that commitment to well-being at workplace, prevention of illness and injuries are included in this policy.

·      Awareness and Participation: Ways of making the policies known through open communication, ensure that no one gets left behind in the know about the well-intentioned policies.

·      Assessing Risks and Opportunities: Assessments including behavioral surveys, psychometric evaluation, and evaluation of business readiness for implementation.

·      Implementing the OH&S Policy: Following levels of intervention – Primary (org. level controls to prevent harmful effects, promote well-being), Secondary (increasing resources, training, other measures), Tertiary (implementing rehabilitation programs and other corrective, supportive actions)

·      Audit and Reviews at periodic intervals, assessing effectiveness, performance, and take corrective actions for continuous improvement.  

Livelihood Meets Learning & Growth

Its important to not only build the scaffolding with the policy framework, but also complement it with spirit of a wellbeing culture. And, as Mr Rama Shankar Pandey shared with us recently, its all about creating a culture where livelihood meets learning and growth. And in exceptional cases you strengthen it with love.

If you missed the conversation, watch the recording below

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11 People Management Skills Every Manager Should Master in 2022

Our team wrote about “must have skills” for every manager , some of which are:

1. Communication

2. Patience

3. Creative thinking

4. Trust

5. Respect

6. Thoughtfulness

7. Share constructive feedback

And more at the blog below

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