Financial Express reports ,

India’s government-funded biotechnology laboratories and departments suffer from a lack of focus, says an paper released by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s on Indian biotech industry.
Multiple departments with overlapping functions has led to duplication of research funding and a lack of coordination.
Consequently, there is no prioritisation of areas of biotechnology, the report says. Currently, Indian research areas in this field span across environment protection, agricultural technology and medicine technology to bio-informatics.
India hasn’t been able to identify itself with a particular niche. In contrast, other Asian nations have gained expertise in some area or the other. For instance, Korea is a specialist in stem cell technology, while Singapore is focusing on biomedicine.
Although the Indian biotech industry is gaining in size, it faces several challenges. For one, there is no substantive rise in budgetary allocations as compared to other major economies. Secondly, entering into several activities at the same time thins down the quantum of sparse resources.

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