Spent some time with Dr. Jagannatha Rao, and was talking about his company and the different types of beer. Conversation came around to Healthy beer, launched by his company recently.
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An Indian firm has launched a vitamin-rich beer which it says protects the body from the harmful effects of alcohol.
Ladybird Bio Beer contains aloe-vera extracts as well as the normal ingredients of barley malt and hops, said its inventor B Srinivas Amarnath. He said research showed that it did not harm the liver or cause ulcers and gastric illness.
“The results of human clinical trials have shown aloe vera increases the bioavailability of vitamins like B1, B6, B12, C and E,” said C B Jagannatha Rao, senior vice president of Khoday group of industries.
The beer was launched in Kerala on Wednesday by Khoday in partnership with Amarnath’s firm, Advaith Biotech.

More interestingly, Dr. Rao, gave me a glimpse into the history of Beer. Apparently beer was initially a product of the Church! It was invented in a monastry. Thats right, things got out of hand after that.
And back in the days, beer was a staple drink, which many in europe used to drink for breakfast. Apparently, one fellow made up a slightly pale ale and was shipping it to india, to suit the local tastes. The cargo ship met with an accident, and the barrels ended up in Irish Hands. The Irish took an instant liking to the “East Indian Pale Ale” (Also called Bass Ale) and obviously havent stopped enjoying it till now!
Hmm. Interesting, very interesting.

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    • ashwin

    • 19 years ago

    More from the fosters’ website on this topic.
    History of Beer
    History of Beer
    Brewing is almost certainly the most ancient manufacturing art known to man, and is probably as old as agriculture. Beer is also as old as bread – in fact it is probable that either beer or bread may have been a by-product of the other. According to archaeologists, ‘beerbread’ was known in many eras.
    Earliest references to beer
    The Egyptian era
    The Greek and Roman era
    The Christian era
    Medieval times
    1400 onwards

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