This week World Economic Forum released a list of 192 people around the world who are part of the Young Global Leaders 2012 group, who join 600 other active Young Global Leaders around the world.
After struggling with the fact that i can still be considered “young” and somehow rationalising that to myself, i started to think – now what? What does this mean to me as a person and how does it impact my professional and personal life?
First, let me acknowledge that I am honored to be a part of the Young Global Leaders 2012 group. It is indeed a recognition of the efforts of all of us at Vaatsalya and i share the honor with all of my team mates, who are the true leaders. Young leaders around the globe are more engaged than ever in changing the world around them, and its incredibly exciting to be part of and share the YGL platform with them. The YGLs come from diverse backgrounds but have one thing that is common and binds them all – “not accepting things as they are and having the drive to do something to make things better”.
Coming back to the original question, after some digging around i came across the Global Business Oath which urges business leaders around the world to be sensitive to our world, our surroundings, our people, and our values. The oath, which is a YGL project, is meant to guide our actions as business leaders. And that i think is the first thing i should pledge to do as a YGL. If i ensure that i abide by the oath, i would have done my bit to transform my self, my company and my surroundings. All of us cant change the world, but we can certainly do our bit to change our surroundings and leave the world a little better.
I have taken the Global Business Oath, Have you?


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