Most of this is repeat of last year’s expectations. I am not giving up hope!
1. Increase public health spending to 3% of GDP, but please dont invest in buildings, invest in human resources.
2. Encourage public private partnership to improve quality of overall healthcare industry by creating a transparent partnership process
3. Accord Infrastructure status to hospital industry to encourage investments and funding
4. 10 year tax holiday to encourage growth of hospitals in smaller towns.
5. Tax incentives on preventive health checks to encourage more proactive health management. Govt has made provisions for tax deduction on health insurance, why not include preventive health checks upto Rs 20,000 per year.
6. Tax incentives for practising in tier II and III towns and encourage migration to small towns.
7. Tax breaks on quality initiatives/accreditation expenses like NABH, NABL etc which will bring standards and protocols into focus in healthcare industry.
8. Investments in information systems and clinical data management by hospitals should be incentivised.


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