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Published on 2019-03-24 17:23

“Education is the only passport to change our destiny.”

No other part of the world is this more obvious than in India. The stark differences in opportunities that present to us, basis our education is something we cannot ignore.

Our knowledge economy is entirely built on fine educational opportunities all of us were privileged to access.

But its not the same for everyone. Our government school infrastructure is crumbling, while we have one of the best private schools in the world.

Except in one region of the country, where government schools are outperforming private schools.

Yes, its true. Here is the summary from a news article

“Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), after announcing this year’s 12th standard results, announced that this was the third time in a row that students of the government schools in the Delhi region outshone their private school counterparts.

According to the board, the government schools have made an unprecedented performance by registering 90.68 passing percentage of class XII students. This is the first time in last 20 years that the passing percentage of government school students have crossed the benchmark of 90 percent. The board also said that girls fared better than boys in Class XII results. While the passing percentage for the girls was 88.31 percent, the passing percentage for the boys remained at 78.99 percent.”

Not just this, see how a government school looks like. This is not fantasy. This is reality.

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The person behind this transformation is Atishi Marlena (you can see her in the picture above). She was the education advisor to Dy Chief Minister of Delhi for the last three years.

She is now contesting the Lok Sabha Elections from East Delhi. And her vision is to transform education at national scale.

She deserves our support. Our children deserve her leadership.

Help make Atishi the East Delhi MP. Donate to her campaign