SUDIPTA SEN (MD, SAS Institute, India) in financial times,

VC funding is available but seed stage and early stage funding is still a distant dream for entrepreneurs. The government has a much greater role to play in the growth of biotechnology in India. Besides developing a robust regulatory framework and setting up biotech parks, an incubation fund for the early entrepreneurs can be started to evaluate their technology and processes before these entrepreneurs can approach a VC for a larger fund.

Narayan Kulkarni in Biospectrum

Despite the bullish feeling, the investor community is still shy of this sunrise industry, which is looking at seed and early stage funding. The biotech industry now needs to understand the expectations of investors and VC community and vice versa. The Association of Biotechnology-Led Enterprises (ABLE) organized “BioInvest” in Mumbai on March 11th. This was a meet to get a first hand account of the investors’ views and their perceptions about this industry. The investor community, comprising people from the capital market, commercial banks and venture capitalists, participated in the meet to share their outlook on how to attract funds at early stage.

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