With a diameter of 1.5 meters, and weighing 55 tons, this is a giant! Interestingly magistrate of Bijapur tried to auction this off in 1854 for Rs 150, but the auction was called off.

This cannon was built by a turkish officer in the Ahmednagar kingdom. Apparently, there is an inscription which says it was captured by Aurangzeb. Later when General Murari Pandit defeated Ahmednagar, he carried this back  as a war trophy. Well, it took 400 oxen, 10 elephants and hundreds of soldiers to bring it back.
Legend has it that the explosion was so loud, that the person who set the canon alight had to jump into a small water filled pit next to the cannon to avoid going deaf. I believe the pit is still there.
Bijapur has a rich history starting from Chalukyas in the 11th Century, to Yadava’s, Bahmani’s of Gulbarga and later the Deccan Sultanate, lead by Adil Shah. Finally the Nizams.
Other wonders in the city include the second largest dome in the world, Gol Gumbaz and Ibrahim Rauza. And a whole bunch of architectural marvels which were patronised by the Adil Shahis

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