There is no employee and employer anymore. There are only business partners. And thats the fundamental shift at the workplace, we see, but have not accepted. No longer the power rests with one side of the table – the employer. Both parties today have equal access to information and possibly equal opportunities. How do you think of a job interview in this context. Some excellent points by Liz Ryan in her post

You can answer an interview question in a way that makes the manager think. When you do this, you’ll shift the frame, or mental model, from which the question springs. You’ll force the manager to stop and focus on the conversation in a way that many interviewers seldom do.
Some people will like your non-standard approach to answering a traditional, done-to-death question. Some of them will be horrified to hear you utter words that don’t come straight ouf the standard Sheepie Job Seeker script. Which type of manager would you rather work for?

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