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LinkedIn Success Story

I have been using LinkedIn for quite some time now and i think its a fantastic business tool. Some the networks that i have built through linkedIn are great. One success story, I met Rohan Jacob of Q5 Capital in Bombay through LinkedIn and we explored working together on areas of mutual interest. When i […]

Kickass Careers Page

Why dont we have more such companies? From PlugHR site We also hire young professionals with experience ranging from a few months to some two years who wish to beat the more experienced one’s in delivering results. While education in business, human resources, communications would be of your own use, we do not discriminate basis […]

No ban on blogging in India

I think we should all take a break, ban or no-ban. I am quite amused by the exaggerated worries from all those doe-eyed bloggers. Lets face it, if the govt bans the blogs, we will find a way to get around it. I know there are enough smart people who are blogging, and continue to […]

PM Taskforce on Health

Some of these things really p*** me off. Why is everyone harping about low cost healthcare for the world?? Now even our prime minister. What are we, the “low cost everything” capital of the world. Please. How about something orginal. How about “Best healthcare system” in the world, how about creating a healthcare system like […]

Venturing into the unknown – Express Pharma

Venturing into the unknown – Express Pharma Less VC, more PE The recent years have witnessed a decrease in Venture Capital (VC) funding in the pharma and biotech space and an increase in Private Equity (PE). PE is the capital acquired by a company to fund its expansion activities when a company reaches the growth […]

HIV/AIDS in India

Shocking facts, A. Out of five million HIV/AIDS victims, only 65K are under treatment! B. Fourty percent of patients are women. More from IANS Out of the five million HIV/AIDS population, only an estimated 65,000 people are taking medical help. While 25,000 are getting treatment in public hospitals and 10,000 are under the guidance of […]

Management & Marketing

Interesting note on healthcare in Businss StandardManagement & Marketing The major concerns for Indians over the next 12 months are economy and health. Lack of adequate facilities in semi-urban and rural areas is making healthcare a bigger and more serious concern for consumers and this will surely affect the progress of the nation in future. […]