Making a Presentation That Moves People

Growing up in small towns in India, it was tough for us to converse in english. And on top of that to speak in public on stage was horrifying. All my public speaking skills were honed by leading a group of students towards trouble making, both at med school & later in the US as […]


Meetings Start With Meditation

🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️ Meetings start with meditation 🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️ Everyone I have worked with knows I hate two things – meetings and whatsapp! The second one I have vehemently opposed, first one I will do when needed. 🌟 How does a good meeting look like? Every friday, our team at Manah Wellness gets together for all hands. Prayag Naidu sets up […]


Why Communities Should Lead the Mental Health Movement in India

A 500-year old dargah (Islamic shrine) in Unava, Gujarat, is today the site of a quirky merger of faith healing and modern psychiatry. For centuries, local legend has credited the Hazrat Saiyed Ali Mira Datar dargah with the power to cure various mental illnesses. But since 2008, the dargah’s mujavars (traditional healers) have been trained by experts […]


How Men Sabotage Their Own Mental Health

Originally published on TOI Blogs One of the biggest challenges when it comes to male mental health is the false notion that men who talk about their emotional struggles are somehow ‘less manly’, or ‘weaklings’. That is why so many men just don’t open up—for e.g. about how a bad relationship has left them hurting […]


Bloomberg Quint – Mental Health and COVID19

More Attention, No Institutional Mechanism For every million people in India, there are just three psychiatrists, and even fewer psychologists, according to a 2015 WHO report. Mental health professionals discontinuing appointments during the lockdown compounded the problem for patients. Add to that the stress and anxiety from job losses, loan defaults, and the general uncertainty. […]


As India's lockdown ends, a mental health crisis is just beginning

Cases of mental illness have risen by 20% in India since the country went into lockdown. Only through local, community-based responses will India find the capacity to cope with this unfolding crisis. Here are three evidence-based approaches that can unlock the power of communities in this fight. India witnessed the largest containment experiment in history, […]

Health_Session Bill Gates


Microsoft co-founder (and the world’s richest man) Mr. Bill Gates was recently in India to explore, learn and be updated about innovations happening in the healthcare and agricultural sectors with some private sector companies. During the course of his visit, Mr. Gates met up with healthcare leaders of the likes of Dr. Naveen Nishchal (Chairman […]

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